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Optical Films for Reflective LCDs (Front Diffuser, Wide-band λ/4 Films)

Polarizing film, retardation film and diffuser were combined into a single unit for reflective color LCD.

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Broad spectrum λ/4 films provide constant retardation (λ/4) to any wavelength. The front diffuser realizes a brighter reflective panel by controlling dispersing characteristics. We have combined those with polarizing films into one single unit.

Structures of inner reflective type LCD

The polarizing film,the retardation film and the front diffuser are combined into one unit.

Wavelength characterristics of board spectrum λ/4 films

Constant retardation (λ/4) is given to any wavelength.Conventional wavelength film shifts the retardation of blue and red lights from λ/4, resulting in deteriorated the contrast.

Optical properties of front diffuser

By controlling the diffusing property, brighter reflective panels can be realized.

Type Haze [%]
SN1 88
SN2 80
SN3 70
SN4 60
SN5 50
SN6 40
SN7 30
SN8 20


  • The numerical value is measurements of the Frontodifuzar unit.

About safe handling of an optical material

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