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Structural Material

Transparent Conductive Film ELECRYSTA

A conductive, transparent film often used for touch panels.

Optically Clear Adhesive Tape LUCIACS® CS986 Series

Double-coated adhesive tape with superior transparency.Having an ultra-thin adhesive with strong adhesive strength, this transfer adhesive tape is clean and high in transparency.

Optical Films for Reflective LCDs (Front Diffuser, Wide-band λ/4 Films)

Polarizing film, retardation film and diffuser were combined into a single unit for reflective color LCD.

Polarizing Film with Visual Compensation Film NWF

TFT-LCD visual compensation film is treated uniformly with the polarization film.

UV Curing Resin NT-UV Series

Utilized for optical components such as an optical lens, an adhesive or molding compound. Excellent dimensional stability enables nano-sized processing.

Polarizing Film NPF

The Standard for LCD Optical Film

Polarizing Film with Birefringence Compensation Film NIBCOM

Introducing a combination of polarizing film with birefringence compensation film.

Polarizing Film with Brightness Enhancement Film APCF

Combination of brightness enhancement film and polarizing film for LCD.

Anti-Reflection Treatment

High-contrast color display is now available by preventing reflections of sunlight and fluorescent light on the LCD surface.

Anti-glare (AG) Treatment

Less glare from external light, combined with improved image clarity, offers better overall picture visibility.

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