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For protection and masking during the coating process

Masking tape for frame sealing and masking

Several varieties available to meet every need.

No. 7288 P-703

Surface protection material for metal plates

For protection of metal during deep drawing, bending, transportation, and hole punching processes

SPV-224R SPV-AM-500 SPV-9205

For glass window protection during manufacturing, shipping and installation

Surface protection for glass windows

SPV-4088H SPV-4088R SPV-224R

For wrapping and bundling wires together

PVC tape for wire harness

Cost effective tape that is low VOC.

No. 21 No. 223S

Glass cloth tape for wire harness

Puncture, abrasion, and solvent resistant.

P-212WHT P-212HD

Kapton® Polyimide tape for wire harness

Solvent resistant tapes that have good tensile & dielectric strength and are ideal in extreme temperatures.

P-221 P-222 P-223 P-224

PTFE tape for wire harness

Impervious to most solvents, acids and fuels, these tapes are also low friction.

P-421 P-422 P-423 P-424

For vibration and sound damping

Body and doors

Lightweight and easy to apply on curved surfaces.


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