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Surface Protection Film SPV-C-500

Clear surface protection film for CO2 laser cutting

SPV-C-500 is a surface protection product using a polyethylene film, which has been developed utilizing Nitto's proprietary technology. This product is suitable for surface protection of colored steel plates during process and transportation and stainless steel during CO2 laser cutting process.
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  • Minimal change in adhesive strength after laminating enables easy peeling.
  • The transparency allows appearance inspection of the surface condition of the substrate after processes like bending and CO2 laser cutting.
  • Strong adhesive type suitable for protection of rough colored metal or CO2 cutting process.
  • Acceptable use on stainless steel up to 16 gauge.


Product No. Thickness*1 Adhesive strength*2 Tensile strength*3 Elongation
SPV-C-500 0.060 mm / 2.36 mil 2.50 N/20mm / 11 oz/in 25 N/20mm / 7.1 lbs/in 250%

[Test method]

  • *1: Nominal thickness
  • *2: Adherend: SUS430BA, Tensile speed:300mm/min(12inch/min), Peeling angle:90°
  • *3: Tensile speed 300mm/min(12inch/min), strength and elongation when breaking.


  • Surface protection for colored steel plates during process and transportation.
  • CO2 laser cutting process for stainless steel (not for use with Fiber lasers)


  • Avoid sunlight and store at room temperature and moderate humidity.
  • Do not press too strong when applying. This may cause the end of the tape to peel.
  • If applying to surfaces treated with machining oil, degrease the surface carefully. Any remains will be a cause for surface contamination or adhesive residue.
  • For use under severe conditions, please test and evaluate the product thoroughly beforehand.
  • Painting, plating, etching, or gluing the surface after peeling the tape may be troublesome due to the small amount of residue of the adhesive. Please inspect under actual situations thoroughly before application.
  • Painted boards, depending on conditions such as paint baking, may cause the tape to peel uneasily or peel off the paint together. Please evaluate thoroughly beforehand.
  • Surface treated boards such as alumite, depending on treatment conditions, may show different properties (peeling) of SPV. Please evaluate thoroughly beforehand.
  • Especially for applications against natural substrate (marble stone, lumber, etc.) please contact our sales representative in charge.
  • Painting after peeling off SPV-C-600 could cause repellency of the paint or insufficient paint adhesion.
  • When you paint after peeling off the surface protective material, be sure to check the surface washing, pretreatment, or paint baking conditions to ensure the paint adhesion before usage.

  • The above datasheet is a sample observation value under certain testing conditions, not guaranteed performance.
  • The quality, performance, and/or functions of this product will differ according to the conditions of use. Please contact our department in charge for full details of this product.
  • Under severe conditions, this product may show difference between the sample observed values and the actual performance. Please test and evaluate the product thoroughly for your safety and better results.
  • This product and/or its features may change or be discontinued without any prior notice.
  • The intellectual property rights of this document belongs to Nitto Denko Corporation. Please contact our department in charge for usage not in accordance of the intended use. Copying and/or reproducing the document without notice are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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