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Semiconductor Wafer Tape SWT 20T+

Wafer processing tape designed for excellent stability under various conditions of processing.

SWT 20T+ consists of a clear transparent PVC film coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive manufactured in clean room environment. For easy unwind, the backing of the PVC-film is coated with a silicone release. The product is wound on a plastic core. Rolls are individually packed in a double polyethylene anti-static bag and foreseen with lot number.
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  • Excellent deformation behaviour
  • Excellent adhesion level
  • Easy unwind
  • Recyclable
  • Clean room product


  1. Pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive
  2. Clear transparent PVC film
  3. Silicone release coating


Adhesive type Acrylic-based
Film type PVC film
Total thickness 0.128 mm / 5.03 mil
Adhesion to SI-wafer 0.95 N/20 mm / 4.3 oz/in
Tensile strength MD 90 N/20 mm / 411 oz/in
Elongation MD 270%
Unwind force 0.6 N/20 mm / 2.74 oz/in
Color Transparent
Impurities content < 3 ppm


Nitto Semiconductor Wafer Tape SWT 20T+ is an ideal product for processing semiconductor wafers under various conditions.

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours (EST) 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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