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Double Sided Tape for Fixing FPC with Heat-resistant Release Liner to Stiffeners, with Excellent Heat Resistance No.5919ML

Heat resistant double sided adhesive tape. No.5919ML is double coated adhesive tape for fixing of (*) FPC and stiffener or FPC and housings. The release liner and adhesive can withstand high temperature (peak at 260°C/ 500°F.) of the reflow soldering process.

[Remarks] *FPC:Flexble Printed Circuits
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  • Non-base adhesive tape.
  • Excellent heat resistance and bonding performance.
  • Release liner is also heat resistant, which can be used with release liner at soldering process.
  • Available in double release liner (PN:No.5919MLW)



180° peeling strength according to type of substrate


Substrates Adhesion
Stainless steel plate 8.5 N/20 mm / 38 oz/in
Polyimide film 11.8 N/20 mm / 54 oz/in
Polyester film 11.0 N/20 mm / 50 oz/in
Glass epoxy plate 11.0 N/20 mm / 50 oz/in


  • * Backing: PET #25 Peeling speed: 300mm/min
  • Peeling angle: 180°
  • Measurement condition: 23℃/ 73°F x 50 percent RH

180° peeling adhesion before and after IR reflow(soldering)


Property Adhesion
Initial 8.5 N/20mm / 39 oz/in
After IR reflow 8.5 N/20mm / 39 oz/in


  • Substrate:Stainless steel plate
  • Reflow peak temperature: 260℃/ 500°F
  • Measurement temperature: 23℃/ 73°F x 50 percent RH
  • Peeling speed: 300mm/min

Holding power


Measurement Conditions Slippage
40℃/ 104°F 0.1
100℃ / 212°F 0.1


  • Substrate: phenol resin plate
  • Tape area: 10mmx20mm
  • Load:4.9N
  • Measurement condition: 40℃/ 104°F &100℃/ 212°F x an hour
  • * The data provided herein are not guaranteed values, but rather measurement values given as an example.


  • Fixing of FPC and stiffener
  • Fixing of FPC and Housing for Electronics equipment.
  • Fixing of compact cooling plate for electronics equipment.


  • * Nitto Denko does not guarantee that the tape can be used for the example applications provided herein. You should make sure the tape is suitable for the substrate by applying to some of the material prior to using for practical application

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