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Energy Saving (Solar control and Heat insulating) Window Film PENJEREX®

Energy Saving summer and winter

This film improves air conditioning efficiency by shielding windows from heat waves (sunlight) during summer and reducing the amount of heat that escapes from the window in winter. It saves energy and electricity while improving comfort as well. Furthermore, it has UV shielding and anti-shatter properties.
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  • Industry-leading heat-insulation
  • Solar heat reduction
  • Bright
  • UV cut
  • Prevention of glass scattering
  • Scratch-resistant hard coating


*Film thickness does not include the release liner thickness.

Product No. Thickness Width[mm] Length[m]
PX-7060S 0.069mm/ 2.71 mil 1524mm/ 60000 mil 30m/ 32yd

Optical and thermal properties (on transparent float glass 3mm thick, in accordance with ISO 9050)

Product No. PX-7060S PX-8080S PX-7570N
U-Value 1) 3.27 3.46 3.46
U-Value 2) 0.58 0.61 0.61
Solar Reflection
33 25 22
43 52 54
24 25 24
Visible Reflection
Interior 12 8 7
Exterior 12 15 7
68 72 77
UV Transmission
<1 <1 <1
Shielding Coefficient 0.53 0.62 0.65


  • *1) : W/m2・K
  • *2) : BTU/h・ft2・°F


Current application

  • Glass windows of building

Potential application

  • Displays, vehicle windows, etc.


  • This film is for indoor use only, and the adherend is limited to glass.
  • Depending on the light from the sun or lighting fixture, a rainbow colored interference patter may appear on the film surface. This is caused by the thin layer of hard coat on the film surface intensifying specific wavelengths of light, not by any malfunctions of the film.
  • After installation, small amounts of remaining water may congregate and form blisters or cloudy blotches. These will disappear as the water vaporizes, however, the time it takes to disappear may vary depending on the environment around the glass (E.g. no direct sunlight, low temperature, high humidity).
  • To clean the film, use a damp, soft cloth or sponge. For heavy stains, use a dilute mild soap solution. Please do not use organic solvents or alkali glass cleaners as these will cause the film to deteriorate.
  • All values are observed values, not guaranteed performance. Product specifications may change without any prior notice.

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Business Hours (EST) 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

Things to Note
  • This film product is for indoor application. Substrates are limited to glass.
  • In some cases, sunlight or fluorescent light may cause a rainbow colored pattern to appear on the film surface. This phenomenon occurs due to the application of a hard-coating, which strengthens the corresponding wavelength light, and is not due to any film abnormality.
  • After application, a small trace of water between the film and glass may cause bubbles or white clouded spots to appear. These will disappear once the water evaporates, but may remain for a longer period depending on the environment the glass is located in (areas with no sunlight, low temperature areas, high moisture areas, etc.)
  • When necessary, use a slightly damp, soft cloth or sponge to clean the film with water. When especially dirty, use a diluted neutral cleaning solution. Organic solvents and alkaline glass cleaners may degrade the film, so please do not use them for cleaning.
  • All values are measured values, and are not guaranteed. - Product specifications may be changed without notice.

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