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Counseling System

A service enabling psychological counselors to analyze and visualize biometric information in real time

Counseling System is a service that provides information useful to both the counselor and their clients, using a measurement device worn by the client to analyze and visualize biometric information (changes in blood flow) in real time as stress values generated by an algorithm developed by Nitto.


Using a simple wearable device to obtain bio-feedback*, Counseling System has the potential to bring practical benefits to counselors who are eager to improve their own counseling skills, as it enables them to accurately grasp in real time the reactions to and effects of counseling. From a client perspective too, by providing them information on the effects of received counseling in an objective and visually accessible format, it is anticipated that this information will help them to reaffirm the significance and value of counseling and maintain their motivation to continue receiving counseling care.

* bio-feedback : Information obtained in a way that the client can perceive and understand. Sites)

Basic mechanism

The key features of Counseling System are as follows: 

  1.  Simple design for intuitive operation. 
  2.  Notetaking and tagging function (Annotation) to aid understanding of the stress values generated by the algorithm. 
  3.  Report creation function effectively supports reflection on outcomes of counseling.

The basic mechanism of Counseling System can be summarized as follows: 

  1.  Capture and digitize blood flow data with the dedicated wearable device. 
  2.  Transform this data into stress values with the proprietary analysis algorithm.  
  3.  Upload this data to the cloud via the mobile application.  
  4.  Visualize the stress values using the web application.


The real-time visualization of stress values, which is the basis for Counseling System, is supported by two technologies, both of which are proprietary technologies of Nitto: the technology for accurate measurement of physiological data, and the algorithm for conversion of this physiological data into numeric stress values. 

Nitto has developed a new pulse waveform analysis technology. Conventional pulse waveform analysis has focused predominantly on periodic waveform changes by analysis of pulse timing variations (horizontal axis: time). By incorporating non-periodic waveform changes in the form of pulse peak variations (vertical axis), Nitto has made it possible to comprehensively analyze information obtained from the pulse waveform. This increased volume of information obtained from the pulse waveform is expected to enhance the accuracy of stress value calculations obtained using algorithmic analysis.

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