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Waterproof, Airtight Tape for Irregular Shaped Parts HYPERFLASH No.6951

Waterproof and airproof taping (for various places such as windowsill edges).

HYPERFLASH No.6951 is a combination of deformable rubber substrate, butyl rubber adhesive, and release paper. It fits tightly around irregular shapes like corner joints to shut out water and air.
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  • Stretches well in every direction for easy application.
  • Plastically deforms to match the contour.
  • Superb durability, rough surface adhesion, airtight/waterproof property, and base adhesion.
  • Suitable for various objectives and locations.


Standard sizes

Width [mm] Length [m] Recommended usage.
45* (1.8 inches) 5 (5.5 yards) Ventilation wall pipes, ventilation fans.
75 (3 inches) Joint hole of staircase rail and walls, external corners.
200 (7.8 inches) Window sills.
  • *Please contact our sales representative for other sizes
*45mm type can be chosen from pre-cut release paper type and no-cut release paper type. For pre-cut type, see diagram for details.

Recommended Applications

[Window sill edge]

[Window sill]

[Areas around the balcony]

[Balcony wall edge]

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours (EST) 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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