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Ray Diffusion Structure for Millimeter Waves

Provides an unique shape that reduces noise by diffusing radio waves in the millimeter wave band.

By providing a special surface shape to general-purpose resin, the reflected(S11) and transmitted(S21) radio waves are attenuated by diffusion. The ray diffusion structure is superior in terms of cost performance, because the material can demonstrate high diffusion performance without using radio wave absorbing resin or microwave absorber wave sheets. 

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• Millimeter wave radar for automotive
   (Ex: 57~64GHz Passenger car(infant detection),
          76.5~81GHz Passenger car(Front, corner, door), Commercial car(Front, corner, door(BSIS, MOIS))

• Millimeter wave radar for consumer use 
   (Ex: 60GHz Vital Sensing)

                                          Ghost issue            Solution by Nitto
Abnormality due to detection of unwanted noise multipath.              ✓Nitto RDS diffuses unwanted waves that cause ghost issues.
        car_ele_002_properties_006_EN car_ele_002_properties_007_EN

Performance & Features


• Frequencies supported: 60GHz~90GHz(Includes 77GHz, 79Ghz)
• Return Loss(RL), S11: <-10dB
• Transmitting Loss(TL), S21:<-10dB


• Creates special shapes on general-purpose resins:
  Noise suppression due to multipath(multiple reflections) and radio interference in millimeter-wave radar for
  automotive and millimeter-wave sensors for vital sensing is possible by adding special shapes to existing plastic parts.
• Both reflection and transmission diffusion can be achieved. In addition to transmission from diffusion of noise radio waves,
   it exhibits higher reflection diffusion than radio wave absorbing resins.
• Cost Performance: Applicable to general-purpose resins such as PP and TPO, which is less expensive than radio wave absorbing resins.

Ex) TPO Resin

Applied Example

Resin Material
There are no restrictions on resin materials and the following general-purpose resins are applicable. Ex) PP, PC-ABS, etc.


Applied Image
(Radar Cover/Bracket)   
Phenomena(EM Simulation) Effect(Experimental Values)





Attenuation Spectrum

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