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What are the system requirements to print a label?

This printer is compatible with Windows drivers and commands. To print a label, a Windows-based PC, communication cable, and software are required.

Windows-based PC

A PC capable of running Windows 2000 (SP4)/XP (SP2)/Vista/7 (32 bit version) is required. To use commands, a PC capable of sending ASCII data to the DURAPRINTER is required. To send commands from a sequencer, please use the optional RS232C board.

Communication cable

Connect a cable matching the desired interface board. (USB board: USB cable, RS232C board: RS232C cable, LAN board: LAN cable) If a USB cable other than the one included in the printer package is to be used, please make sure it is USB2.0 certified.


To print barcodes and text with DURAPRINTER (Windows driver compatible), a Windows application software is required. This model comes with LabelStudio.NET which facilitates label printing. Labels can also be printed with other applications such as CODESOFT and Microsoft Word. To print with commands, the computer sends print commands to the printer. For details, please refer to the command reference guide on the CD.

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