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Label feeding error occurs. How should I take care of this?

Please check the following items in their order when a label error occurs.

  1. Measure the label length (threshold adjustment).
  2. Check the label used.
  3. Clean the printer’s sensors.
  4. Check the limit switches on the front and side covers.

Measure the label length (threshold adjustment).

When the label is registered in the printer driver, the label’s threshold value is calibrated with [Length Measurement]. Please try measuring the label again.

Check the label used.

Please check if the label chosen in the printing software’s label format and the actual label are the same size.

Clean the printer’s sensors.

Please refer to the operation manual and clean the sensors.

Check the limit switches on the front and side covers.

Even if the label information and sensors have no problem, label feeding error occurs if the front and side cover limit switches are not on.

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