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Job Description:

Position: Membrane Material Scientist
Nitto Denko Corporation
Oceanside, CA

NDT is looking for a Material Scientist in Membrane science with a solid background and skills in 2D MOF/COF material synthesis and membrane fabrication process. This individual will contribute to NDT’s growth by providing support for research and development projects in a dynamic lab setting, where both discovery and process chemistry projects are on-going. Our work environment provides a variety of projects with opportunities to work on material and product designs.

Essential Job Requirements

- Ph.D. in Material Chemistry.
- Extensive training in synthesis, characterization and processing of 2D materials, such as MOF, COF.
- Experience in Membrane fabrication and evaluation
- In-depth knowledge in material chemistry and membrane technologies.
- Strong awareness of safety of chemicals and reactions.
- Proven scientific and technical ability to design and execute synthetic route, product isolation and purification, optimization of chemistry, and analysis and present data.
- Experiences in analytical methods such as SEM, AFM, FTIR, XRD.
- Highly motivated and self-driven individual with the ability to work independently, and multi-task under aggressive timeline to support team and corporate objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Design, and conduct the synthesis, processing of 2D materials.
- Fabrication and evaluation of membrane properties
- Contribute to the design of material with desired properties
- Maintain excellent laboratory records, and write reports and research summaries as required.
- Interact closely with other scientists to develop comprehensive solutions
- Participate in intellectual property creation


NITTO DENKO TECHNICAL CORPORATION (NDT, is a subsidiary R&D center and a member of NITTO DENKO Group ( The mission of NDT is “Creating New Technologies for the Business Centers of Tomorrow”. Founded in 2000, NDT now has two research divisions with over 40 scientists and researchers; focus on cutting edge technologies that will provide practical solutions for leading industry sectors such as Optronics, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, and others into the next decade and beyond. Our long-term vision and unparalleled, multi-disciplinary team of researchers from all over the globe make NDT a vibrant and exciting center of new ideas and brilliant technologies.


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