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Major modification history of Label Studio.NET

From Ver.4.21 to Ver.4.26 (2014.4.9)

  • Cutter setting is corrected so that it can also be taken over when an RCL printer is replaced with an DURA printer(SI600,SL).
  • Status Check for the DURA printer(SI600,SL) is changed from ENQ to D2 (except for USB).
  • The letter printing problem is corrected because letters are not printed properly while Outline Font is selected for the DURA printer(SR) (optional).
  • Operational response to Framework 4.0 or later
  • The space behind Header Item is corrected so that it cannot be deleted automatically during the use of a database.
  • The font size for the human readable letters contained in the barcode is corrected to a fixed size of 9 when  the font is converted from Dura Rhythm.
  • The command for an inching motion during peeling is corrected so that it can be issued before the start of the back-feed motion.
  • The “freeze” problem that occurs during printing is corrected because the problem occurs when the printer and Status Check for OLE are used at the same time while an SISL command is used for printing through the COM or LAN port.
  • Maximum and minimum values for custom sequential numbers during Rhythm file reading are corrected because these values have not been determined.
  • A function for printing out the name of fonts used for letter parts is added when such information is required.
  • The new version can deal with the case when there are quotation marks, commas, or line fee characters present in CSV files.
  • The problem of issuing an error message is corrected with respect to registry-related items when they are handled without user authority.
  • Label Number and Tear-Off Time for the DURA printer(SI600,SL) are corrected so that they can also be set during the selection of their drivers.
  • Converter functions are corrected or changed (Ver. 1.96). 
  • Other minor bugs are corrected.

From Ver.4.02 to Ver.4.21 (2013.7.25)

  • Added a function to check for files with the same file name but different paths when checking for duplicate file names.
  • LSDN Converter(1.9 → 1.91).
  • Fixed OLE's VisibleLink.
  • Added a horizontal flip printing function of SI.
  • Added high speed USB compatibility to OLE status check.
  • Fixed OLE status check so that when COM or LAN are used, an open error does not occur while printing with Studio OLE.
  • Windows7 (64bit) compatible.
  • Added seconds to date and time.
  • Fixed the problem where the font size changes when the printer is switched from driver to command and DURAFont is used.
  • Windows8 compatible.
  • Fixed Code128 CodeC even-number check.
  • Added a script function to the database.
  • Added methods such as FileName_Visible to OLE.
  • Added a function to increase the selection of lines to 3 types.
  • Added a function to underline texts.
  • Added a function so that the database can be batch processed from the administrator window (details in CSV).
  • Fixed the problem where in Windows7, the runtime cannot check the status from the printer driver while printing.
  • Faster overall performance.
  • Fixed the problem where a read error occurs when Create File and Read File are done repeatedly with OLE.
  • Changed SI600, SL's status check protocol from ENQ to DC2 (except for USB)
  • Fixed minor bugs.

From Ver.4.01 to Ver.4.02 (2012.6.15)

  • Fixed the check digit function of the barcode reader. 
  • Command printer can now be used in standard mode. 
  • Fixed the function to change the printer from driver to command.  
  • LSDNConverter(1.6→1.7)
  • Fixed minor bugs

From Ver.4.00 to Ver.4.01 (2012/05/01)

  • Added “BL-1300” to the barcode readers.
  • SI600 and SL can print faster when "LAN" is chosen as the interface.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

From Ver.3.08 to Ver.4.00 (2012/03/16)

  • Soft-key licensing for printers other than DURAPRINTER.
  • Fixed Dura Rhythm's bugs that occur when reading files
      (E.g. Cannot read files with Windows 7). 
  • Added a function  to print all letters in double-byte fonts
      (compatible with Dura Rhythm's outline fonts). 
  • Added inching function, other commands (e.g. label pitch command),   and page setup (PT) to SI600. 
  • Fixed the cut command (cutting the last piece) function with SI600 and SL. 
  • Added a function  to the barcode reader of SI600 and SL. 
  • Added new functions to OLE 
  • Fixed minor bugs

From Ver.3.06 to Ver.3.08  (2011/02/28)

  • Added a check digit function for Code Set C of Code 128 barcodes. 
  • Revised functions when the barcode reader is in use. 
  • Added a test print and feed function to print display when using command printers (SI600,SL). 
  • Added new functions to OLE.
  • Added a function to convert the 0 on the left side of a sequential number to a blank space. 
  • Added a function to print letters in SI standards when using command printers.  
  • Changed the system to save graphic components as text when saving commands. 
  • Fixed minor bugs.

From Ver.3.05 to Ver.3.06 (2010/09/15)

  • Added a barcode reading function.
  • Compatible with the additional printer fonts for SI600 (Firmware: H9557K or later) 
  • Added a print start position preview function in the printing screen. 
  • Added settings to adjust the tear-off position.
  • Added bold letters to the printer fonts for SI600 and SL. 
  • Fixed minor bugs.  

From Ver.3.04 to Ver.3.05 (2010/03/23)

  • Fixed the problem with the automatic 2D barcode conversion function.
  • Partially changed the automatic display information when the SI600 is chosen as the printer. 
  • Fixed minor bugs.

From Ver.3.03 to Ver.3.04 (2010/01/06)

  • Fixed the problem that occurs when renewing the date.
  • Added a full-screen function. 

From Ver.2.08 to Ver.3.03 (2009/12/11)

  • Added functions compatible with Printer SI600. 
  • Added database compatibility to the printing function.
  • Added a function to fix the size of the QR code depending on the version.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

From Ver.2.00 to Ver.2.08 (2008/03/25)

  • Compatible with command-enabled printers .
  • Added a batch conversion software to the installer.
  • Added a function to read format files by drag-&-drop.
  • Added a function to create printing history files periodically.
  • Added a function to convert the link source to ASCII data.
  • Added a horizontal centering funciton.
  • Added a function to adjust the reference point of parts.
  • Changed the trial version so it does NOT print “Label Studio Trial.”
  • Added an automatic linefeed function.
  • Added a grouping function to parts.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

From Ver.1.10 to Ver.2.00 (2008/04/20)

  • Added support for command printers.
  • Changed the system to skip the save message when closing the program if no changes are made to the format.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

From Ver.1.00 to Ver.1.10 (2007/09/18)

  • Added the RSS barcode.
  • Added the EAN assist function.
  • Added a function allowing serial numbers to be reset for a specific date in the print screen while printing.
  • Added a job clear function.
  • Added a status check function for SL.
  • Added micro PDF.
  • Added support for Chinese font display.
  • Added a rhythm file reading function.
  • Added a status check function for SF.
  • Added support for the application control mode of SF.
  • Enabled the variable parts to make multiple line settings.
  • Fixed minor bugs.