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Occupational safety and health activity

Proactive Safety Activities

We, the Nitto Group, use a variety of equipment as well as many chemical substances throughout our business activities. So we need to be aware that we not only face work accidents but risks of fire or explosion.
Proactive safety activities are to pre-empt risk, thereby minimizing the causes of accidents. The Nitto Group is continuously promoting proactive measures through focusing on following three aspects.

Machinery safety

We make effort to reduce risks from the stage of a product design by setting a fundamental concept of safe design that complies with the international standards. Also we conduct a proper examination before introducing equipment and then only adopt equipment that satisfy our standards.

Fostering Safety Culture

We are implementing experience-based safety training to enhance safety awareness aiming at “Fostering a safety-first culture”. With the experience-based safety training, employees learn what kind of hazards may occur through simulated experience.
In addition, we practice “Safety Call“ at the beginning of meetings and “Safety Talk” that shares topics of safety that employees experience in a daily life. By having opportunities and sharing unsafe behaviors and conditions, we are developing safe and peace in mind workplaces with full-participation.

Development of safety technology

We are developing new technologies for manufacturing processes to reduce risks at the stage of forming production processes.

Emergency response

If a large-scale disaster or serious accident occurs, a system developed by the Nitto Group immediately contacts top management.
Also the Nitto Group promote recurrence preventive activities by proper management and analysis of accident data. Furthermore, such an information is released to employees in an attempt to raise their safety awareness.

Preparation for disaster

By following the two basic policies, “disaster mitigation” (disaster prevention and damage minimization) and “quick recovery”, the Nitto Group has developed a business continuity management(BCM) system and perform the activities.
An emergency plan of action stated in the (BCM) says that we form units for emergency task and execute emergency drill or the like regularly. Then we review the result of the drill for further improvement. In addition, we take a decent training like a rescue and secure necessary first-aid supplies with prioritizing employees’ safety.

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