Nitto drives the future of innovation


Nitto Denko Corporation has continued working alongside its customers to inspire innovation since it started producing electrical insulation materials exactly 100 years ago. Currently, Nitto is developing its business globally to offer various products in fields such as electronics, automobiles, housing, infrastructure, environment, and medicine, based on its core technologies of adhesive and coating technology.

Having started out as a domestic manufacturer of electrical tape, the firm has built an expanding portfolio of products and established a global reach that began with the opening of its first overseas office in 1961, in New York. The Nitto Group now employs around 30,000 people and operates more than 100 manufacturing and processing sites, and R&D and sales offices worldwide.

Nitto has pursued its unique strategy, called “Global Niche Top™”, as a way of capturing targeted market segments and maintaining continuous growth. Through strategies described as “Global Niche Top” and “Area Niche Top”, Nitto tries to fulfill its mission in markets where its technology can take a lead and remain competitive. Nitto believes that markets are constantly changing, but that those changes can be turned into opportunities. Based on these principles, Nitto aims to become a company that makes products that are indispensable to society.

Trust and innovation

At the centre of the company’s approach to business is a corporate philosophy that values innovation and retains the trust of all Nitto stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors. Building this relationship of trust requires the ability to anticipate their needs and respond quickly to their requirements.

Nitto also adopts a unique marketing approach that pursues the Sanshin ("three new" in Japanese) activity. Accordingly, it applies three approaches to its proprietary marketing method: developing new products, cultivating new applications and creating new demands. This philosophy has been embraced and enhanced by Nitto employees in close collaboration with customers across a range of industries. Inspired by the Sanshin approach, Nitto says its technological advances will not result in just a single innovation, but instead, act as the cue for a succession of products and services.

Centennial milestone

As it marked its 100th anniversary on October 25th, 2018, Nitto started to look ahead to the next century by devising ways to fulfill its future mission— to contribute to a better life, a better society and a better environment. Nitto will stay true to the spirit of innovation for its customers and aims to make an even bigger commitment to its environmental, social and governance (ESG) values.

As a part of Nitto’s drive to integrate its management objectives with its ESG efforts, Nitto is promoting activities to achieve its environmental goals by, for example, setting up environmental funds. Nitto allocated an environmental budget in 2017 to be used at the discretion of the CEO. The newly established budget has already borne fruit: Nitto invested in new equipment that recycles organic solvents used in its industrial tape production, thereby halving emissions of these potential pollutants.

To develop and provide innovative technologies and products that contribute to a better society and environment, Nitto believes it is essential that all employees are part of an exciting workplace, one in which they feel proud to work at Nitto. It should also be an environment that drives innovations by encouraging employees to recognize that the technologies and products they are engaged in make a contribution to the world.

Environment to challenge

Based on the concept of “open, fair, and best”, Nitto considers human resources to be its most valuable asset. The company promotes employees’ diversity in terms of nationally, culture, background, gender, age, and employment type. It also applies the motto “open, fair, and best” in every personnel-related matter, including recruitment, assignment, evaluation, and training.

Adhering to the philosophy of absolute fairness and support for people as they strive to apply the company’s values to their work, Nitto’s work environment encourages every employee to continue taking on challenges. Now, more than ever, Nitto wishes to continue to be an organization that is indispensable to the world we live in.

Nitto will strive to incorporate its vision of a better society and a better environment into its products, drawing on the findings from new research being carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit.                            

That study will examine what people around the world believe constitutes an ideal society. Nitto aims to use the results to contribute to a future that brings “new value to the world”.

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