Priorities of PROGRESS


In order to understand the “Priorities of Progress” toward an ideal society, the Economist Intelligence Unit (a research organisation and the sister company of The Economist) conducted a citizen survey of 50 countries sponsored by Nitto.

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Nitto aims to balance providing solutions for social issues and economic development, by challenging ourselves to achieve an even more comfortable lifestyle for people. This survey is significant to us as we continue to be a company that is needed by the world.

Please take a look at the interesting survey results.



Citizens don’t often think about resource constraints when they vote or talk about the kind of society they want to live in. Many want free education and healthcare, absolute safety from harm, high incomes, low taxes, a clean environment and affordable housing. Resource constraints prevent all of those ideals from being realised at the same time. Societies need to prioritise those areas they believe most important, and citizens’ opinion have become crucial as ever as a policy input.