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Nitto Ninja Debut ver.

Innovation that shapes the future.

This movie shows how “Nitto Ninja” runs through the city and creates the future with its refined technology.
For realizing a better society and environment, it continues to cultivate innovation.
Challenging itself without fearing failure, not caught by precedents.
“Innovation that shapes the future.” Please feel Nitto’s spirits through this future Ninja.

Nitto DNA ver.

Creating the next wonders for the world. In this movie, we present Nitto employees’ enthusiastic attitudes and their spirits to create values for customers and future society by Nitto Innovation. Please feel our employees’ spirits and the potentials toward the sustainable society that Nitto pursue to realize.

Nitto Spirits 100th ver.

Nitto marked its 100th anniversary on October 25, 2018.

This new movie is produced to celebrate 100th anniversary, describing Nitto’s everlasting challenge spirit and the bright picture to realize in the future.

Nitto continually creates innovation in multiple fields to inspire the world.
We hope you will see Nitto’s firm faith and potential to the future.

Now and forever, Innovation for Customers. Nitto

Nitto corporate commercial - Life becomes colorful with Nitto ver.

The world is facing many worrisome problems. People are suffering from diseases for which there is still no treatment. There are people who need medication, but cannot take them orally or receive injections. To solve such problems in the world, Nitto has started tackling challenges in the life sciences field. We’ve put our will to work changing the world from black and white to color and have put it into commercials that make people smile. We are using our innovative perspective and technology to change society for the better. Please experience the new Nitto.

  • "Life becomes colorful with Nitto." Drug delivery system

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  • "Life becomes colorful with Nitto.” Transdermal Drug Delivery Patches ・ Athletic Tape"

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