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Hydranautics B.V.

Company Detail

To sell Hydranautics membranes and support those customers who purchase them from us

Company Profile

Company Name Hydranautics B.V.
Established Date 1997/Nov/1
Address Wilhelminasingel 116, Nl 6221 Bl Maastricht, The Netherlands
TEL +31-43-350-3470
FAX +31-43-350-3489

Company History

1997 Incorporated as Holding Company for 2 Subsidiaries in Spain and Germany
2004 Relocated to Current Address from Almelo
2005 Due to Expiration of Holland Branch Operatinonal License, (Permanent Entity of Hydranautics (US Corporation)), changed its main duty from Pure Holding Company Function to Business Company with Holding Company Function.
2008 HYDE (Hydranautics Germany) Dissolution

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