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Nitto, Inc. (Lexington, KY)

Company Detail

Nitto, Inc. (Lexington, KY) is located in Lexington, KY, United States. We have three locations in the heart of the city. Two of these are manufacturing facilities and the third is our main office which houses Sales and Administration and a distribution center. Our products primarily service the automotive industry supporting Japanese OEM’s, however, we are actively pursuing Tier II suppliers for all OEM’s.

Our products include thermo compression molding, 3D die cutting, robotic adhesive application, lamination and value added assembly.

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto, Inc. (Lexington, KY)
Established Date Aug 1997
Address 2284 Danforth Drive, Lexington, KY 40511, USA
TEL +1-859-231-9854
FAX +1-859-231-9856

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Company History

1997 Toyo Lex Industry Corporation was established in Lexington, KY
2003 Established sales office in Novi, MI.
2008 Production facility with expanded warehouse space added in Lexington, KY on Trade Street.
2009 Sales personal centralized to Novi, MI location.
2012 Additional production facility established in Lexington, KY on Mercer Rd.
2017 Nitto Denko Automotive, Kentucky, Inc changes its name to Nitto, Inc.

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