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Digital Camera

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For acrylic window protection

Used for attaching and protecting various parts.

Surface protection materials

This protective film combines clean, antistatic properties with easy peelability.

E-MASK® series

Double coated tape that sticks well to curved surfaces VR-5300


For shielding

Various types of material are available for FPC peripheral application.

Aluminum foil tape with excellent radiation, magnetic shielding, insulating, and moisture-resistant properties


Double coated tape for fixing to usable reinforcing plates, with the release liner still attached during the soldering process

Uses adhesive and release liner capable of withstanding lead free solder reflow temperature (peaked at 260 deg C).


This double coated tape offers remarkable adhesion against strong repulsion such as FPC folding.


For image sensor (CMOS) radiation

Efficiently emits device heat

This thermal conduction sheet is superior in heat dissipating and cooling effect in electronic devices.

Features insulating and heat dissipating properties.

HT Sheet

For fixing grip

Double sided tape that is easy to recycle

Repeelable and strong adhesive double sided tape


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