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Surface Protection Tapes with 'easy-peel' removability SPV 5058A5

SPV 5058A5 is a surface protection tapes suitable to protect high gloss surfaces during mechanical processes, storage and transportation.

Substrates involved can be lacquered plates, plastics, glass, laminates and refl ective aluminium. This tape products consists of a PE film coated with a pressure sensitive “easy-peel” acrylic-based adhesive, available in various colours and adhesion levels.
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  • Special "easy-peel" adhesive
  • Zipper effect during peel off
  • Very low unwind
  • For protection of high gloss surfaces
  • For protection of thin and fragile substrates
  • Good humidity resistance
  • Substrate identification and inspection
  • Recyclable


  1. Pressure sensitive acrylic-based "easy peel" adhesive
  2. Clear transparent polyethylene film  


Adhesive type Acrylic-based
Film type Polyethylene film
Total thickness 50 µm
Adhesion to BA steel 70 cN/20 mm
Tensile strength MD 22 N/20 mm
Elongation MD 250%
Weatherability to BA steel 75 h
Color Clear transparent


SPV 5058A5 is a surface protection tape suitable to protect high gloss substrates like lacquered plates, plastics, glass, laminates and reflective aluminium.
The use of this tapes makes it possible to process the protected surfaces with a high adhesion level. Furthermore, it makes them suitable to remove from thin and fragile substrates without deforming due to the low peeling force.

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