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Paper Tape for Axial-Type Electrical Components No.749 Series

Plays huge role in axial taping of electronic components with lead pins.

Paper tape No.749 Series is used for axial taping of electronic components with lead pins for shipment. Nitto Denko adhesive tape lineup suitable for axial taping of various components largely contribute to automation and enhanced reliability of the component with lead pins insertion process for component sizes ranging from small to large.
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  • Offers superior component holding power .
  • Facilitates taping.
  • Available in long lengths (up to 8,000m).



Property No.749BN
Thickness [mm] 0.140
Peeling strength [N/19mm] 11.0
Tensile strengthĀ [N/19mm] 190
ElongationĀ [%] 4
Color White/Blue/Yellow


  • The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


  • Axial taping of electronic components with lead pins.

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