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Multi-purpose Curing Tape No.396

A new type of curing tape suitable for various purposes.

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  • Hand torn. No scissors needed.
  • Less adhesive residue compared to packing tapes.
  • Plastic padding.
  • No heavy metal, such as halogens or lead, in the tape's raw material.
  • Distinctive 'pink' color for easy recognition.

<Test method>
60℃(140deg F) 7days adhesive residue visual check.


Acrylic board


Polycarbonate board


Polystyrene board


  • *50mm is a comparison between No.396 and packing OPP (polypropylene) tape.18mm is a comparison between No.396 and cellophane tape.


Test item Unit Result
Thickness mm 0.126
Adhesive strength Polypropylene board N/25mm 6.71
Acrylic board 9.43
Polystyrene board 8.42
Polycarbonate board 8.30
ABS resin board 6.41
High speed rewind N/25mm 3.04
Tensile strength N/25mm 13.40
Elongation % 190


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


Base material Color Width [mm] Length [m] Qty [rolls]
Polyolefin Pink 18 25 130
25 100
50 50
  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.



Packing and bundling plastic cardboard boxes.


Temporarily jointing jigs and processors.


Sealing plastic containers.


This product is not made in the Clean Room.

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