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Anti-corrosion Vinyl Tape No.51

Easy-to-wind vinyl tape for anticorrosion and protection.

Anticorrosion Tape No.51 developed for prevention of corrosion and protection of various types of pipelines. Using vinyl chloride with excellent electrical property and chemical resistance as base material together with thick coated synthetic rubber-base adhesive, it brings out superior durability and anticorrosion property. Being highly flexible, it is easy to wind and suitable for work in low temperature and for work on joint part or flexural area.
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  • Offers superior durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Consists of flexible film and thick adhesive. Adheres well to joints and curved parts. Provides superior sealing and cushioning.


Standard Size

Product No. No.51
Standard size Thickness [mm] 0.4
Width [mm] 25/50/75/100
Length [m] 10
Ball core gauge [mm] 30
Color No.51 Black, Ivory
No.51-SG Silver-gray
No.51-W Blue


Item Test result Test method
0.4 -
Adhesive Strength (to stainless steel)
[N/25mm width]
Ordinary state 8.0 According to JIS Z 0237(2009)
After soaking in Hot Water 8.0
Adhesive Strength (to backing)
[N/25mm width]
Ordinary state 7.0 According to JIS Z 0237(2009)
After soaking in Hot Water 7.5
Tensile Load
[N/25mm width]
Ordinary state 120 According to JIS Z 0237(2009)
Elongation [%] Ordinary state 250
Change of PH ±1.0 According to JISZ 1901
  • *Values listed above are typical and not guaranteed.


  • For anticorrosion/protection of various types of pipelines.
  • For anticorrosion/protection of power cable and communication cable.
  • For anticorrosion/protection of pipes under severe condition, such as mine and chemical factory.

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