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Labels, Superior Resistance to Solvents DURATACK 10PN, PONK

Printing is not dissolved even when wiped with organic solvents.

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  • DURATACK 10PN/PONK labels allow highest printing resolution in the DURATACK series. Small characters and 0.125 mm cell size QR code (2D code) are easily legible.
  • Offers superior resistance to solvents. Printing is not dissolved even when wiped with organic solvents such as alcohol, toluene or acetone.
  • Sharp printing of logos and letters is possible with a 400dpi, 600dpi printer.
  • Can be used with DURAPRINTER and other thermal transfer printers for on-site printing.


Product No. Base material Thickness[µm] Color Specified Ribbon
10PN Special polyolefin 100 White DURA Ink 10PN
PONK 70 Silver

Chemical Resistance

Chemicals Test Results
Ethyl alcohol +
Isopropyl alcohol +
Hexane +
Toluene +
Acetone +
Methyl ethyl ketone +
10% Ammonia +
Artificial perspiration (acid) +
Artificial perspiration (alkaline) +
10% HCI +
10%NaOH +
Water +
Gasoline +

[Test method]
The sample is rubbed back and forth 20 times with a cloth dampened with each type of solvent under 200 grams of pressure to see if any changes in appearance can be observed.
+: No change to appearance (Not affected)
-: Printing fades or disappears

Recommended printers

Printers Resolution


  • Nameplate/identification labels for electronic and communications equipment and components (Use for label on optical connectors, hard disks, CD-ROM, cellular phones, batteries, LCD, CCD, car navigation systems, electric home appliances.)
  • Process management labels for electronic and communications equipment. (Can print 0.125 mm cell size QR code (2D code) )


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