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Nitto Denko(Suzhou)Co., Ltd.

Company Detail

Circuit Material
Consistent Production and Sales of High precision (Double-side, Single-side) FPC
Optical Material
Conversion(Die-cutting, Inspection) and sales of Polarizing film

Nitto Denko(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. was established in the Singapore Industrial Park in 5/Jul/2001. We started the production of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) in 2002 and also started the production of Polarizing film in 2003 by setting up the optical department. Nitto Denko(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is the plant where the biggest number of staff among Nitto Denko group companies except Japan are working.

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) - "Soft Circuit" which can be bent and twisted makes equipments smaller and lighter - Fine pitch interconnection technology by the special technology: "Subtractive method", Super micro drilling processing by the laser, Analytical technology to improve the reliability, What contributes to make smaller and lighter for OA equipments and communication as well as Home electric products is Flexible Printed Circuit "NITOFLEX"which can be bent freely. This is the one which forms the complicated circuit board on the flexible insulation film, and it is used in the video camera etc. Because of its special future which can be bent and piled up, folded, winded and twisted, it makes possible the effective usage of the space and the three-dimensional interconnection. Nitto Denko(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. operates comprehensively from the materials select of FPC to the planning and manufacturing.

NPF(Nitto Polarizing film) - Our unique Optical film, Polarizing film for LCDs, Retardation films for LCDs, Polarization conversion system for LCDs - we can say that there is no single day without seeing the products using LCDs such as cellular phone, watch, calculator, notebook PC, car navigation system etc. Various films which include our unique optical specialties such as the polarizing films(NPF) are used in those products and Nitto Denko is keeping the over world's 60% share in the optical film for LCDs. Thus Nitto Denko(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is continuing to provide such products toward the world as one of the main factory of Nitto Denko group.

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Denko(Suzhou)Co., Ltd.
Established Date 2001/Jul
Address No.468, Suhong Zhong Rd., Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, 215122, China
TEL +86-512-6258-6988
FAX +86-512-6258-0050

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Company History

2001 Acquired Sales Permission
2002 Started FPC production (High precision FPC consistent production)
2003 Started Optical film production (Polarizing film finishing process)
2005 Expand the optical manufactory

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