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RAPGARD F101/202

Surface protective materials for painted steel plates

RAPGARD F101/F202 is a surface protective material using polyolefin film. This product has excellent weatherability and minimal uneven color or gloss of the coating. This product is especially suitable for painted steel plates for Automotive.


  • Excellent weatherability.
  • Excellent stability in adhesion over time.
  • Minimal uneven color or gloss of the coating.


  • Surface protective for painted steel plates.


Product No. Thickness [mm] Adhesive strength[N/25mm]
F-101 0.045 6.0
F-202 0.040 5.0


  • Duly inspect the adaptability of this product to your intended use, prior to its application. We may conduct the adaptability test in your favor. However, its content and results do not guarantee your use. It is of your responsibility to ultimately determine its adaptability.
  • The characteristics and performance of this product depends on the type of adherent, environment of use, and conditions/period after application. Always test (including the appearance) before changing the adherent (composition/surface roughness), conditions or use .
  • When the product is applied to PVC adherents with plasticizer or surface-active adherents (electrolyzed, chemically treated, polished, etc.), it may become difficult to release or may tend to leave deposits, as time passes.
  • When applying the product to a display material, test with particular attention on appearance defects. Stain, cloudiness or unevenness may appear on the surface of the display material, depending on its type. Traces of air bubbles may be left if they are trapped during application.
  • Aforementioned problems may also arise when the product is stored for a long period of time after application.
  • Aforementioned problems may also arise when the product is used outdoors for a long period of time. Fully check before use.
  • Remove any grease, moisture or dust on the adherent before application.
  • When coating after the surface protective material has been peeled, products should be used upon giving sufficient consideration to surface washing, below-surface processing and sintering conditions and confirming the adhesiveness of the coating.
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