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Electrical Insulating Materials

Special Varnish-impregnated Cloth Material Thin Tissue Material

For some time now, electric insulation materials have been at the forefront of remarkable progress in the electronic device industry. Electric insulating cloth has been the material of choice for many years.

Insulation Paper with Excellent Heat and Weather Resistance Multi-layered Laminate Material

Insulating paper is a multilayer laminate product offering excellent insulation, heat-resistance, and mechanical strength. It has achieved many satisfactory results, especially as a motor insulating material.

FRP Sheet Material with Excellent Insulating Properties Laminated Sheet

A strong plastic sheet made by uniformly coating glass cloth or matting with resin, then heating and pressure forming it in a high-pressure, multi-level press.

Room Temperature Curing Adhesive Usable at Very Low Temperatures SK-229

This two-part epoxy adhesive can be cured at room temperature, and is able to retain its adhesive strength at extremely low temperatures.

Floroplastik Film NITOFLON No.900UL

Mükemmel kimyasal direnç, elektriksel özellikler ve hava şartlarına direnç; geniş sıcaklık aralığında sürekli olarak kullanılabilir.

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