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Butyl Rubber, Self-fusing Tape with Excellent Weather Resistance No.11/No.15

A self-fusing tape with superior weather resistance.

A self-fusing tape made of non-vulcanized butyl rubber, for processing and connecting electrical cable ends. No. 15 is a non-separator type of No. 11 tape.
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  • Superior electrical properties, ozone-proof properties, and weather resistance.
  • Does not cause metal corrosion.



Product No. Color Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [m]
No.11 Black 0.5 19 10
No.15 Black 0.5 19 10
Product No. Tensile strength [N/mm2] Elongation [%] Breakdown voltage [kV/mm]
No.11 3.2 530 44
No.15 3.1 550 44

[Extra Info]

  • * The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


  • Covering, electrical cord protection.

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