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High Performance Tape

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Film Tape with Excellent Slideability No.440 / No.443 / No.4430

Film and adhesive tape with excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, and self-lubricating capabilities.

Vinyl Tape for Electric Insulation No.223S

Insulation tape for CRT degaussing coils boasts the world's No.1 share.

Single/Double Coated Tapes with No Trace of Silicone Gas or Corrosive Ions SPAP-3025

Low outgas, high purity silicone-free tape ; contributes to improve hdd reliability.

Silicone Rubber, Self-fusing Tape with Excellent Heat and Weather Resistance No.66 / No.660 / No.68

Self-fusing tape which offers excellent heat and weather resistance.

Butyl Rubber, Self-fusing Tape with Excellent Weather Resistance No.11/No.15

A self-fusing tape with superior weather resistance.

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