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Special Polyester Film, Heat-resistant, Slightly Adhesive Tape/Sheet FB-MT45SF/T-APN10

Special film backing, heat resistant, minimal adhesion tape which wan be peeled off effortlessly even after heating.

Heat resistant minimum adhesion sheet suitable for various heat treatment processes during manufacturing processes of printed circuit boards and device components.
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  • Minimum adhesion for easy peeling.
  • Low adhesive residue even after heating, and high dimensional stability.
  • Extensive normal temperature storage stability (normal temperature x 6 months).
  • Superior die-cutting processability.



Product No. *1 Thickness[mm] Standard length[m] Color 180°peeling strength
Total Backing
FB-MT45SF 0.058 0.050 165 Transparent 0.11
T-APN10 0.020 0.016 200 Transparent 0.20


  • *The figures are a sample of observed values, not guaranteed performance.
  • *1: Without release liner.


  • Reinforcement/masking of ultra-thin circuits (copper applied substrate , copper.
  • Protection while opening through-holes.
  • Masking when filling conductive paste.

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Çalışma saatleri (Türkiye saati ile) 8:00-17:30 (Cumartesi, Pazar ve Tatil Günleri Hariç)

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