"If only there was something that was both thin and strong!"

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You can make a car’s body material stronger and more rigid simply by applying NITOHARD™ and heating it at the right temperature. This Nitto product is indispensable for making strong and fuel-efficient cars. To show its feature, we have made a unique devise. Please have a look at the video.

Nitto's Innovation

The thinner the steel plate, the greater the problems with reduced rigidity and more noise. Solving these problems, NITOHARD™ is a reinforcement material developed by applying our unique adhesive and polymer technologies. As it is a sheet coated with epoxy resin on the glass cloth, the product can firmly adheres to curved surfaces. Foaming when exposed to heat during the manufacturing process, it becomes rigid, thus partially reinforcing the sheet steel it has been applied to. It plays a role of making cars lighter and stronger.


Improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles is an important theme when considering the global environment. To achieve this goal, manufacturers have strived to reduce the weight of automobiles, so maintaining strength while thinning the steel plates has been a challenge. Nitto developed “NITOHARD™”, a reinforcement material that hardens thin metal plates when applied. The material combines lightness and strength, and helps make environmentally friendly cars from inside of a car’s body.

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