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Light device

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For attaching light glass and case sealing

Effective for attaching parts and bug proofing.

Repeelable and strong double-coated tape

For fixing heat insulating material.


Low-VOC, repeelable double-coated tape

For fixing heat insulating material.


Double-coated tape for adhesion to vulcanized rubber

This double coated tape features rubber adhesive on one side, and acrylic adhesive on the other.


Solvent-free double-coated tape

Low-VOC, solvent-free, double-coated tape that adheres well to curved surfaces.


Double-coated tape with a strong Acrylic foam base adhesive

Strong attachment without screws.

HYPERJOINT H8000・H9000 Series

Sulfur-free EPDM sealant

This sealing material contains no sulfur.


For internal pressure adjustment, waterproofing, and dust-proofing casings

Prevents water and dust from penetrating the casing.

Internal pressure adjusting material

A porous film made of fluorine resin, offering water-resistance, water repellent, and weather resistant properties.


For spreading light

Expands a dot of light to a surface of light.

Ultrahigh-molecular-weight PE film

Promises light expansion and heat dispersion.


For sealing devices

Provides long-term protection to performance of devices.

Optical semiconductor encapsulating resin

NT Series

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