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Surface Protection Tape for low gloss plastics and laminates SPV 4058H

SPV 4058H is a surface protection tape suitable to protect lacquered plates, plastics and laminates during mechanical processes, storage and transportation.

This product consist of a PE film coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive, available in different colours and thickness.
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  • Substrate identification and inspection
  • High adhesion level
  • Good humidity resistance
  • Recyclable


  1. Pressure sensitive acrylic-based adhesive
  2. Clear transparent polyethylene film


Adhesive type Acrylic-based
Film type Polyethylene film
Total thickness 50 µm
Adhesion to BA steel 290 cN/20 mm
Tensile strength MD 22 N/20 mm
Elongation MD 250%
Weatherability to BA steel None
Color Clear transparent


SPV 4058H is an ideal product to protect low gloss lacquered plates (such as acrylic, PUR, polyester, PVDF, epoxy powder coatings), matt aluminium plates, matt plastics (such as PMMA, ABS, PC, hard PVC) and laminates.

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