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Surface Protection Tape for CO2, N2 or O2 Laser Cutting LASERGUARD 3100H3 LIGHT

Nitto LASERGUARD 3100H3 LIGHT is a surface protection tape, which protects metal surfaces during laser cutting processes.

The unique concept exists of a special, printed blended PE carrier, combined with a special release layer and a modified rubber-based adhesive. The adhesion level is lower than the standard LASERGUARD, which allows easy removal. It makes your cutting processes shorter and more efficient and will result in higher added value end-products.
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  • Laser cutting of stainless steel up to 2 mm
  • No pre-cutting required
  • No bubble-forming
  • Functional print
  • Low unwind during lamination
  • High adhesion
  • Recyclable
  • Film with high mechanical strength


  1. Pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive
  2. White PE-film, printed with arrows, lines and the Nitto Denko brand name in grey
  3. Special wax release coating


Typical Value Test Method
Film type PE film
Adhesive type Rubber-based
Total thickness 0.100 mm EN 1942
Adhesion on BA steel 170 cN/20 mm EN 1939
Weatherability on BA steel* 50 hours ISO 4892-2
Tensile strength MD** min. 23 N/20 mm EN 14410
Elongation MD min. 150% EN 14410
Colour White with grey printed arrows, lines, Nitto
Transport and storage conditions Temperature 15 to 30 °C 
Relative humidity 40 to 75% RH

* The weatherability is measured on BA steel. Depending on the substrate the weatherability performance can be different.
** MD = Machine Direction
CAUTION: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications.
Details from the test methods are described on the customer product specification.


Nitto LASERGUARD 3100H3 LIGHT is a surface protection tape that protects metal surfaces during CO2, N2, or O2 laser cutting processes. The combination of a printed white PE carrier with a high adhesion, rubber-based adhesive and a special wax release layer makes it the ideal protective tape for laser cutting processes, especially for high performance laser cutting machines.

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