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Wafer Re-Mounter (MA3000III + Frame removal unit) NEL SYSTEM® series

This equipment is full-auto type Wafer Re-mounter for 300mm wafer, first removes the frame from wafer-mount-frame by support tape, and next mounts the wafer on the new frame by dicing tape, and removes the support tape from the wafer,

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"Full-auto Wafer Remounter for 300mm wafer (MA3000III + Frame removal unit)"

Operation flow


  • Bump wafer available
  • Thin wafer available
  • Available as normal Wafer Mounter
  • Wafer transfer robot with flip function
  • Easy operation by Touch panel & Recipe function
  • Log file function standard equipment
  • Adding Wafer mapping scanner available (For Normal Wafer Mounter)
  • Adding SECS/GEM available
  • Follow to CE mark / SEMI S2/S8

Basic spesifications

  • Applicable frame size: 300mm
  • Applicable wafer size: 300mm
  • Applicable wafer thickness: 100um or more
  • Throughput: Frame removal unit:App.30wafers/hr. MA3000III: Roll tape: 40wafers/hr.   Pre-cut tape: 45wafers/hr.
  • *Above spec. values will be influenced by wafer/tape/other conditions, and in several cases, the option function is included.
    In the case the conditions are appropriate, the wafers out of above spec. could be applicable. Please contact us.

Contact Us

Customer Support Center

Business Hours(Turkey time)08:00-17:30(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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