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NITTO EPTSEALER fills various types of gaps, to shut out heat, water, sound, or vibration. Highly functional sealing properties have been developed by blending EPDM rubber foam, which offers the best durability among general rubber material, with Nitto Denko’s unique adhesive technology. Superior resistance to heat and chemicals allows stable and consistent performance over long periods of time. A wide range of types are available depending on usage, from flame retardant to soft or high-compression. The superior performance of NITTO EPTSEALER is recognized by various domestic and international industries, and is used in automotives, housing, and home appliances.


  • The main constituent is EPDM rubber foam, which boasts superior heat and chemical resistance (to acids and alkalis) compared to general purpose rubbers.
  • Excellent foaming technology enables control of expansion from 3 to 20 times the original size.
  • Variety of cell structures, such as closed, semi-closed and open cells, are available with Nitto Denko’s extensive foaming process technology.



Compression Ratio

Each 10cm x 10cm test specimen was compressed at the rate of 10mm/min. until the preset thickness was reached. The compressive load was then measured after a 10 second delay.


Test specimens prepared using a #1 dumbbell die were exposed to each temperature condition. At the end of each time interval, the test pecimens were stretched at the rate of 500mm/min., and the maximum elongation before rupture was measured. Retained elongation was calculated as a percentage of the new specimen’s elongation. Measurement temperature: 80°C


Compression[%] Leakage condition
No.6800 No.685 EE-1000
50 × ×
60 ×

○:No leakage after 30min. △:Leakage within 30min. ×:Leakage within

【Test method】

  • U-shaped 10mm wide test specimens were punched out and placed between acrylic and aluminum plates for compression to a press load. The test specimens were then filled with water to a depth of 100mm and checked for leakage.

Chemical Resistance

Compression[%] Tensile strength[N/cm2]
No.6800 No.685 EE-1000
Initial 35 10 8
Acid(1%H2SO4) 30 10 7.5
Alkali(1%NaOH) 36 9.8 7.1
  • *20℃×168himmersion

Comparison of Weather Resistance

Each test specimen was placed in a sunshine carbon weather meter and taken out after a set time to measure the elongation by stretching at 500mm/min. Retained elongation was calculated as a percentage of a new specimen’s elongation.

Well-balanced Properties

Environmental Measures (Safety)



Door mirrors


Rear combination lights


Door trim


Air conditioners




Door speakers


Sealing material for end rail


Airproof/waterproof packing between sills and footings


Sealing material for roof tile (ridge, verge, valley).

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