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Masking Tape for Vehicle Painting No.7239/No.7235

Automobile painting demands higher quality finishes as vehicle grades become higher, and it is vital to have flexible masking that fits well to curved, linear, or uneven surfaces of diversifying car designs. Nitto Denko's masking tapes are widely used at the vehicle painting sites as the car painting partner with its quality responding to high level of needs.
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  • Can be used reliably on rubbers and plastics and can be applied in layers.
  • Firmly attaches to break lines of linear portions as well as to curved areas.
  • Almost no lifting, peeling, or adhesive residue.


  • Excellent linearity and light unwinding force.
  • Excellent workability because No.7235 can be easily hand cutting.


Property Unit No.7239 No.7235
Thickness mm 0.09 0.10
180°peeling strength N/18mm
Unwinding force N/18mm
Tensile strength N/18mm 70.6 86.3
Elongation %
  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


Width [mm] Length [m] Individual package[roll] Inner package[roll] Outer package[roll]
12 18 10 100 1,000
15 8 80 800
18 7 70 700
20 6 60 600
24 5 50 500
30 4 40 400
40 3 30 300
50 2 20 200


  • Masking of automobile paintings and other vehicles.
  • Masking of baking-finish of automobiles and other vehicles.

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