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Mechanical Frontal Tape (Loop Tape, Landing Zone)

Nitto Bento Mechanical Frontal Tapes, also known as Loop Tapes or Landing Zone, allow a secure fit for the Closure Tapes of baby or adult diapers.

The tapes are available in generic or custom designs with different grades of 'touch', allowing easy peel or tight fit.
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  • High Shear & Peel Values
  • Generic & Custom Designs Available
  • Softer Touch & Better Visuality Grades Available
  • Economy Grades without Printing

Maliwatt Type Frontal Tape (Landing Zone)

  • High shear and peel performance at reasonable cost
  • Softer touch

Lock Loop Frontal Tape (Landing Zone)

  • Clear visuality of frontal printings
  • Various grammages available

Non-woven Frontal Tape (Landing Zone)

  • Pure non-woven
  • Softer touch
  • No PE layer


Loop material Textile non-woven (PA/PES or PP/PES)
Film carrier PE film (unprinted or printed)
Compound adhesive Polymer based glue
Adhesive on PE HMPSA


Nitto Bento Mechanical Frontal Tapes provide the perfect landing zone for hooks allowing a secure fit of baby and adult diapers.

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours(Turkey time)08:00-17:30(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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