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Breathable Adhesive Tape NITOTHROUGH®

Air permeability can be controlled by the base material used and amount of adhesive coating, while adhesive properties can be controlled by the selected adhesive and amount of coating.

The rate of air transmission can be controlled, and ventilation materials can be fixed. This adhesive tape is ideal for a variety of laminating applications that require air and moisture permeability.
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Standard Size

Product width(mm) Product length(m) Processing size(mm)
25,50,100,180 50 5Φ,10Φ,20Φ


Product name AP0300 AP0350D
Item Unit Single-sided Double-sided
Base material - Polyester nonwoven fiber(25g/m2)
Adhesive type - Rubber Rubber
Thickness mm 0.15 0.18
Vs. SUS sheet adhesive N/25mm 11.0 11.0
Frazier permeability cc/cm2/sec 170 150
Gurley permeability sec/100cc 1 or less 1 or less


  • * Dirty filter, screen door prevention  
    - Prevents clogging of screen doors and ventilating fans where air permeability is required.
  • * For fixing air fresheners to wall paper  
    - Used to attach air fresheners
  • * Removing gas only and filling is possible  
    - Removing gas when filling, etc.
Dirty filter, screen door prevention
: For fixing air fresheners to wall paper
Removing gas only and filling is possible


  • If oil, moisture, dust, etc. is adhered to the sticky surface, it may not work to its full potential, so please store carefully.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated area at room temperature with normal humidity.
  • For quality and safety in various applications, please fully confirm compatibility with your products before use.
  • Long-term use under severe conditions may lead to deterioration. Once the product is delivered, please use it within the term of guarantee.

  • This data sheet provides product measurement values under certain conditions only. These values are not guaranteed in every circumstance.
  • The quality, performance, and functionality of this product will differ depending on your conditions of use. For details, please contact our products division.
  • Manufacturing of this product may be halted, or its specifications may be altered, at any time without prior notice. - Intellectual assets related to this text are held by Nitoms, Inc. If this text is to be used for reasons unrelated to the purpose intended by our company, please contact our products division to discuss it in advance. Unauthorized copy or reproduction of this text is strictly prohibited.

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