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Thermal Conduction Sheet with Superior Heat Dissipation and a Remarkable Cooling Effect in Electronic Devices HT Sheet

This thermal conduction sheet is effective for heating and cooling of integrated circuit devices, etc.

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  • Provides excellent thermal conductivity using silicon gel as a matrix resin.
  • Excellent fit and stress relaxation for irregular surfaces.
  • A wide range of thicknesses are available to fit various gaps.


thermal interface structure
thermal interface graph


Type Color Product No. Thickness Stickness Thermal
Hardness UL94*4
Gel Black HT-050 0.5 Small amount 0.50×10 -3 1 25 V-1
HT-250 2.5 Double-coated 2.10×10 -3 15 *3
Sky HT-100HL 1 Double-coated 0.37×10 -3 3 35 V-0
HT-200HL 2 0.74×10 -3
HT-300HL 3 1.17×10 -3
Rubber Light blue HTR-025[G] 0.25 None 0.31×10 -3 0.8 90 *2 V-1

[Extra Info]

  • *1: ASTME-1530 method
  • *2: JIS K7312 A-type hardness
  • *3: Value obtained using measurement device at JIS K7312 C-type hardness
  • *4:UL94 Flame Retardant Class E119061
  • * Measurements provided here are measurement value examples and are not guaranteed.


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