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Baseless Tape D5952P

Nitto tape D5952P consists of a pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive, intended for use as a general mounting tape where a particular high adhesion level is required.

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  • Very high adhesion level
  • Good repulsion resistance
  • RoHS compliant (2002/95/CE)
  • UL certified: UL 746A/UL 746C


  1. Modified acrylic adhesive
  2. Release liner


Typical Value Test Method
Adhesive type Modified acrylic adhesive
Tape thickness* 0.08 mm EN 1942
Release liner type/colour White PE coated paper (125 g/m²)
Carrier type None (baseless tape)
Release value 30 cN/50mm Nitto Test Method
Adhesion to BA steel 2000 cN/20mm EN 1939
Static shear 1 mm/3h EN 1943
Transport and storage conditions Temperature 15 to 30°C
Relative humidity 40 to 75% RH

* Tape thickness = Total thickness without liner
CAUTION: the above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications.
Details from the test methods are described on the customer product specification.


Nitto D5952P is used for general assembly, especially on all varieties of foams used in automotive, building & construction and domestic appliance markets.

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