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Double-coated Tape 5711LE

Nitto 5711LE is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape with low emission values used to mount different substrates in airtight places such as automotive interior and electronic devices.

The softness of the soft foam absorbs the irregularities of two rigid substrates.
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  • Reduced amount of VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • Follows the specifications of the automotive industry on formaldehyde content
  • Excellent adhesion to different substrates specially on LSE
  • High cohesion under stress
  • Good shock absorbance
  • Soft foam adapts easy to irregular shapes
  • RoHS compliant


  1. Acrylic adhesive
  2. Polyolefine foam
  3. Acrylic adhesive
  4. Release liner


Adhesive type Low emission pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive
Tape thickness 1,050 mm
Release liner Siliconised white PE coated paper with Nitto print
Carrier type Crosslinked polyolefine foam
Adhesion value 1700 cN/20mm
Release value 50 cN/50mm
Static shear 1 mm/3h


Nitto 5711LE is used for mounting plastic and metal parts in electronic devices and automotive interior sealing applications.

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Customer Support Center

Business Hours(Turkey time)08:00-17:30(Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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