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Acrylic Foam Base Strong Adhesive Double Sided Tape HYPERJOINT® A3000/A4000 Series

HYPERJOINT is a double sided tape for fixing automotive exterior parts. It uses a highly flexible and durable acrylic foam to realize excellent adhesiveness, heat resistance, and durability.

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  • Excellent adhesive strength.
  • Excellent heat resistance.
  • Excellent weatherability suitable for fixing automotive exterior parts.
  • Excellent flexibility which conforms to uneven surfaces and expansion/contraction.
  • Excellent repulsion resistance useful when applying over curved surfaces.


*Excluding release liner


Product No. Thickness [mm] 180° peeling strength [N/25mm]
(against clear coated surface)
Carrier material
A3004 0.4 38.0 Acrylic foam
(Soft type)
A3006 0.6 45.0
A3008 0.8 53.0
A3010 1.0 54.0
A3012 1.2 56.0
A3016 1.6 58.0
A3020 2.0 61.0
A4002 0.2 24.0 Acrylic foam
(Extra Soft Type)
A4004 0.4 30.0
A4006 0.6 35.0
A4008 0.8 39.0
A4010 1.0 44.0
A4012 1.2 49.0
A4016 1.6 50.0


  • * The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


  • Adhesion of automotive exterior parts.

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