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Management of Chemical Substances Included in Our Products

A growing interest in global environmental issues has led to a sharp increase in inquiries from customers about the safety of chemical substances included in our products. Many of the inquiries are regarding whether or not the chemical substances in our products are prohibited or regulated in various countries. Through our Procurement Department, we cooperate with our partners who supply us with raw materials to manage all raw materials in Japan and overseas.

Procurement Department Efforts

We aim to carry out procurement activities from a global perspective, based on the "open, fair, best" philosophy. Raw materials are managed through cooperation with our partners under the CSR procurement and green procurement policies.

Chemical Substance Management using IT system

We use chemical substance information management as a tool to smoothly carry out Nitto Group's various chemical substance management activities. Our Nitto Group Chemical Substance Management Database (NCM)* utilizes IT systems, and has been in operation since December 2008.

NCM is composed of three smaller databases: Regulations, Raw Materials, and Products. The regulation data held by NCM currently covers 95 countries, allowing Nitto Group to handle business activities in all areas. Since all of the databases are functionally linked, NCM is able to quickly provide chemical substance information for products whenever the need arises.

For example, if a new chemical substance is added to a certain country's list of regulated substances, using NCM enables us to identify all raw materials and products which include that substance.

In recent years, emerging Asian nations are starting to adopt various chemical substance regulations and display warning labels on their products. This allows us to gather the latest information, apply it to NCM, and manage chemical substances accordingly.


* NCM: Nitto Group Chemical Substance Management Database

Chemical Substance Management using IT system

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