Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

9Nitto Denko Group Report 2013business growth’ based on a safe and comfortable working environment.”The rst of these challenges is “business growth”. In line with seeking a balance between expansion of our present business and the creation of new business, we will establish new themes centered on the growth elds of “Green (Environment), Clean (Energy) and Fine (Life Science)”. We launched sales of a new energy-saving (thermal insulation and heat insulation) window lm, “PENJEREX®”, and new development of antifouling protection lm for marine applications, “MARINGLIDE™”, in scal 2012, and will continue to create new business. Furthermore, we will develop our anticorrosion and waterproof materials business at facilities in China by taking advantage of our cultivated technologies and actual performance over the years.The second challenge is “qualitative improvement”. It is difcult to realize corporate growth through pursuing business performance alone. It is necessary to improve quality, too. By uniting business growth with such policies as “providing eco-friendly products,” “pursuing quality and making customers happy” and “engaging in social responsibility,” we will accomplish an improvement in corporate value and realize corporate growth.The third challenge is “human resource development”. In the process of our growing in the world, not only the ability to accomplish business performance, but also human resources who understand our corporate culture and possess the corporate ethos of Nitto, are indispensable. Regardless of nationality or gender, we rate human resources with the ability to become next generation leaders, “Nitto Person”, and cultivate them through educational programs, including evaluations.Prot Allotment PolicyWe consider the return of prots to our stakeholders to be of the highest priority. As a manufacturer, in order to keep pace with rapid technological innovation and our need to serve our customers in a timely fashion, it is imperative that we make positive prior investments in the elds of research and development and production. When determining cash allotments, we comprehensively assess the nancial standing of our accounts, prot levels and dividend payouts.The year-end dividend for scal 2012 was 50 yen per share, whilst the annual dividend per share was 100 yen, equivalent to scal 2011. Forthcoming annual dividends are projected to be 100 yen, equivalent to scal 2012 and in line with comprehensive calculations regarding future prots and business investment.Corporate Social ResponsibilityThe Nitto Denko Group regards “Creation of New Value” as our corporate vision and the reason for our being. “Open, Fair and Best” are our guiding principles to realize this corporate vision.In facing a big turning point for the world economy, business corporations are required to show exible and expeditious responses to changes in society’s expectations. It is particularly at such times that approaches to social responsibility reect upon the comprehensive strength of a corporation.We believe that not only by contributing to society through our business performance, but also by returning again to our guiding principles of “Open, Fair and Best”, and approaching sincerely each of our activities with pride and pluck, we will be successful in realizing the expectations of our stakeholders.The Nitto Denko Group looks forward to your ever deeper patronage and further guidance.Yukio NagiraBoard Member and President, Nitto Denko Corporation