Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

5Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Business elds and major productsAutomotive and Transportation EquipmentOur products improve the performance and efciency, as well as reduce the environmental impact, of transportation equipment such as automobiles and trains.InfrastructureOur products are used in the production, construction and maintenance of equipment essential for everyday life.Home Appliance and Electrical IndustriesOur products respond to the evolving home appliance market and its customers’ needs while always considering the environmental impact.Electronic DevicesOur products are used in electronic components in a wide range of elds, from electronics to the environment and energy.Packaging IndustryOur products, such as adhesive tapes and taping machine solutions, which respond to our customers’ various needs, play an important role in logistics.Consumer ProductsOur products are used to create comfortable, convenient and innovative solutions for people’s lives.Medical IndustryOur products are used to create products gentle on the human body and help with the prevention and treatment of disease and injury.DisplaysOur products are used in applications such as TVs, tablet PCs, smartphones and portable gaming devices.Materials IndustryOur products are used by the materials industry to operate more efciently and reduce the use of materials with a negative environmental impact.Housing and Housing EquipmentOur products provide various solutions to improve the security, comfort and environmental performance of housing.Thin-lm metal base board with high resolution circuit – CISFLEX®Packaging tapeCOLOCOLO®Energy-saving window insulation lm ELEP HOLDER™Carton sealerTransparent conductive lm – ELECRYSTA™Oligonucleotide medicineSteel plate reinforcing materials – NITOHARD™Surface protective materials – E-MASK®Seawater desalination spiral RO membrane elementPolyimide seamless beltsEPT SEALER™Curing tapeWaterproof and airproof taping – HYPERFLASH™Internal pressure regulator – TEMISH®Masking tapeTransparent double-coated adhesive tape LUCIACS®Yu-Ki Ban™