Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

41Nitto Denko Group Report 2013A team selected in the Toyohashi Region Qualifying Round in was commendably awarded the second prize at the subsequent national convention. Receipt of Letter of Appreciation for Monetary Donation to Thailand ood relief efforts from the Provincial Red Cross Chapter of AyutthayaOn October 25, 2012, we received a letter of appreciation and a report on the application of our monetary donation to the Thailand oods relief efforts from the Provincial Red Cross Chapter of Ayutthaya. They reported that 25,000,000 yen (approximately 10,000,000 baht) from the Nitto Denko Group was utilized for the construction of dwellings for people who had lost their homes, the mending of damaged houses, the reestablishment of libraries in elementary schools and the purchase of books.Children operate miniature carsLibraries and houses rebuilt with monetary donation from the Nitto Denko GroupPromoting Education and International InteractionAcceptance of Interns from AbroadAiming to further diversify its pool of talent, Nitto Denko accepts interns from abroad.From May to the end of August 2012, two university students from Thailand and the U.S. undertook work experience at the Nitto Denko Ibaraki Plant. Over more than two months, each of them undertook study, taking advantage of their own area of expertise. They appeared to gain a hands-on feeling for developing protable new products through their internship experience.Aspiration Fukaya Science Workshop Participants Visit Nitto Denko Kanto PlantThe Nitto Denko Kanto Plant welcomed 44 elementary and junior high school students on August 24, 2012. The visit was part of the Aspiration Fukaya Science Workshop, an educational event organized by the Fukaya City Government, which aims to stimulate children’s interest in science and technology.The students experienced cutting-edge technologies through experiments and a pop quiz. “This experience inspired me to value science more.” a participant said.Children listen earnestly to an explanationRaw materialsCO2 emissionsWater dischargeR&D expensesCapitalinvestmentRecyclingEnergyWaterCorporate governanceManagementProductsNew technologyBusinessactivitySalesOperatingIncomeDividendsSocialcontributionsHumanresourcesSolvent emissionsIndustrial wasteIntellectualproperty