Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

35Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Medical and Membrane BusinessesIn our medical business, medical and hygienic materials were strong. However, transdermal drug delivery patches were affected by price revisions in Japan and inventory build-ups on the part of our customers after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition, one of our group companies which manufactures oligonucleotide medicine was affected by a delay in an order, resulting in difcult circumstances.On the other hand, a study of the world’s rst transdermal patch formulation for schizophrenia treatment is progressing. In addition, “PENLES™,” one of our transdermal drug delivery patches, which is an adhesive patch for regional anesthetics, was determined efcient in the relief of pain associated with extirpation of molluscum contagiosum. This lead to the positive state of active business operations.In scal 2013, we will continue to develop transdermal drug delivery patches, oligonucleotide medicine and molecular target DDS in our strategic areas throughout the world. In autumn, a transdermal drug delivery patch for high blood pressure is scheduled to go on sale.Our membrane business was strong throughout the year, in line with the changing of our focus to general industry in Nitto Denko acquired all of the assets, including patents, trademarks and laboratory equipment related to Active Transdermal Therapeutic System technology, of Altea Therapeutics Corporation and launched full-scale research in April 2012 at the San Diego laboratory. The technology acquired this time is a new transdermal drug delivery technology. By making pores on the surface of the skin using heat in a safe and hygienic manner and applying the patch containing the drug, the drug is delivered into the body. Nitto Denko has already developed and manufactured transdermal drug delivery patches which deliver drugs to the affected area through the skin. With this new technology, however, it will be possible to prepare transdermal drug delivery patches for polymer drugs such as peptide and gene medicine, and hydrophilic drugs, which were difcult to prepare previously. We aim to respond more widely to the needs of patients and medical experts.Nitto Denko and Nitto Denko Avecia conduct research into, develop and manufacture oligonucleotide medicine, with the potential for growth in the future. In January 2013, we acquired the assets of Girindus America, Inc. (Ohio, U.S.A.), which is in the therapeutic oligonucleotide medicine manufacturing business. Through this acquisition, the manufacture of therapeutic oligonucleotide medicine and expansion of our organic synthesis business became possible.In the future, we will develop our oligonucleotide medicine business globally.Acqusition of Entire Assets of Altea Therapeutics Acquisition of Assets of Girindus America, Inc. Fiscal 2011Fiscal 2012Year-on-year comparisonSales Medical16,86915,16589.9%Membrane16,51518,604 112.6%Total33,38433,769 101.2%Operating incomeTotal-2,476359 –Yen in millionsMaking pores on the surface of the skin and applying the patch just minutes later with an applicatorNitto Denko Avecia, Cincinnati (former Girindus America)developing countries and the shipment of a previous order of our seawater desalination project.-5,00005,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00035,000■ Sales of membrane■ Sales of medical■ Operating income16,869Total: 33,384-2,47635916,51515,165Total: 33,76918,60420112012(FY)(Millions of yen)